“I have worked with Bloom Communications on a myriad of projects over the last few years. No matter the subject or timeline, Brianna McKinney and her talented team have consistently performed at a high level while maintaining a personal touch. One of the attributes that keeps me coming back to Bloom is the willingness to “bend to the will of the project”. By that, I mean they are willing to adjust to what they learn in research – even when that means changing the course of project execution. They do this, in my experience, not because of a desire to add billable hours (they haven’t) but rather because doing so produces results that are beneficial to and actionable for their client’s business. There are so many public relations/communications firms that want to just “get in” and “get out”, always keeping one eye on their contracted budget instead of investing themselves wholly in what’s best for your organization. Bloom can maintain this focus on and dedication to the client, in my opinion, because they do an excellent job on the front end with budget estimates and planning. It seems to me that this attention to detail is a direct offshoot of their excellence in audience and customer research; in this case, the first audience in you, the client. I’ve always felt I could trust the results of Bloom’s work, in large part, because of the care the team took with me at the beginning, getting to the heart of what I really needed (even when I wasn’t sure myself).”

Charles Mead

“I have hired Bloom Communications to direct and manage PR initiatives multiple times throughout my 15+ years in marketing. The team truly abides by their core values and approaches client relationships as a partner, not a vendor. What I value the most is that Brianna and her team also bring marketing expertise — giving you a big picture of communications and what will work best for your brand — rather than writing a few press releases and hoping for impact. They also pride themselves in driving clients toward activities that they have seen yield results, as opposed to sitting back and waiting for direction. Strategy, dedication, commitment and the ability to get results is truly their mantra.”

Jamie Matusek

“Working with Bloom is amazing- they are fun, friendly, professional (but not stuffy) AND they know how to get the job done. Really well. I love partnering with such a socially conscious group that not only makes a difference for our client’s PR, but in our community in general. We rely on Bloom’s expertise and are never disappointed.”

Dorie Pickle

“The Bloom Communications team became part of our company. That is how all of us who interacted with them felt. Their professional yet personable way of communicating with us was greatly appreciated. Their knowledge and creative ideas were also impressive. Equally important was the timely compilation of the work from their end. Additionally, the photographs Brianna took are very professional and do great justice to our team and the work.”

Central Texas Brain & Spine

“I believe there is great benefit in working with a boutique agency whose core values similarly align with those of our organization.  We are proud of our partnership with Bloom and the open communication and collaboration that has come as a result. The team’s dedication and service to Meals on Wheels People is commendable.”

Tony Staser

“Bloom has been such a key player in our public relations and marketing strategy for so many years, they feel like family. They always bring fresh ideas that enhance, protect and help our brand be more and more successful. They care a great deal about their clients and we are very proud to be one of them!”