The healthcare and life sciences industries are becoming increasingly complex – rampant with constant change in response to technological, economic, political, demographic, and other influences. This is providing exciting opportunities for organizations that are poised to successfully navigate the ebbs and flows of our current healthcare environment. That said, it is also a time in which inflexible or ill-prepared organizations are at a great risk.More than ever before, it is imperative for healthcare and life sciences organizations to be prepared to compete in today’s volatile, consumer-driven marketplace.

Austin and Portland are each experiencing a surge of innovative companies that are presumed to be leveraging each area’s technology infrastructure to improve the patient experience. This is resulting in expectations for established and emerging companies in each city to play major roles in changing the face of healthcare.

Bloom Communications understands and uses these increased pressures as an opportunity to provide clients with creative solutions to meet and exceed organizational objectives. Our team has the industry experience and expertise to support the growth of our clients’ revenue and market share goals, while adhering to CMS (The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) guidelines. Additionally, each of our staff members holds a HIPAA Business Associate Certification accredited by the ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Centers Commission), and we also utilize a HIPAA Certified print and mail fulfillment vendor as relevant for client direct mail campaigns.

Life Sciences & Healthcare Agency Capabilities

At Bloom Communications, we provide marketing, research-based consulting, and public relations support to:

  • Private Group Practices
  • Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Hospitals & Hospital Districts
  • Home Health Organizations
  • Commercial Health Plans
  • Government-Sponsored Health Plans
  • Medical Device Companies
  • Biotech / Biologics Organizations
  • Traditional Pharmaceutical Organizations & Compound Pharmacies
  • Digital Health Organizations: Wearables, MHealth, & Telehealth

Brand Experience

Behind the Smile Dentistry
Dermatology Associates
Evans Dermatology
KelseyCare Advantage
Lauren Hubele
Sleep Dallas
Drop Drop IV Vitamin Bar
Hill Country Apothecary
Alive + Well
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Healthcare & Life Sciences Outlook for 2016

Healthcare is a quickly evolving industry as companies compete to keep up with technology advances, while simultaneously attempting to provide patients with personalized care and reduce out-of-pocket costs. Innovation in both pharmaceuticals and medical devices allows for improvements to many current healthcare practices, but we’ve also seen the change expose vulnerabilities to the success of corporations and private physician practices. The 2016 industry outlook continues to be full of shifts like in 2015. Health systems and private practices are finding mergers and acquisitions necessary to survive among larger competitors, data is an ever-important element to health as we now collect behavior through wearable technology, and pressure is felt throughout to do more with less in order to reduce costs for patients.