Increasing Your Brand’s Credibility Through Social Proof

June 21, 2017

Understanding Social Proof Social proof – the process by which individuals look to their peers, role models, or other important figures to make decisions about how to act or respond… Read More

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4 Marketing Shifts to Keep in Mind When Planning for the New Year

November 3, 2016

Marketing your business or nonprofit successfully requires staying on top of emerging industry trends, and implementing them into your own strategy. Here are 4 marketing shifts to think about as you’re planning for 2017.

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5 Reasons Organizations Outsource to Agencies & Consultants

March 25, 2016

When sharing ways in which our agency works with organizations, one of the main questions I’m asked is why organizations hire agencies or consultants in the first place. It’s a valid question for anyone who has never outsourced services. While there is certainly a myriad of answers, based on my experience, here are the main forces that drive our clients to outsource to us. And yes, sometimes an organization will outsource for two or more of these reasons.

Read on to learn about five main organizational pain points that outsourcing to an agency can solve.

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4 Critical Things Every Healthcare Marketer Should Know in 2015

April 29, 2015

Recent modifications in healthcare regulations are causing swift changes in the field of healthcare marketing. Discover the 4 critical things every healthcare marketer should know for 2015.


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Facebook’s Newest Tool: The Ad Relevance Score

March 27, 2015

A new feature has been added to Facebook for Business making it easier for you to target your audience with information and offers that interest and motivate them. There are many benefits to this tool that can help your organization gain awareness, revenue, and save money. Find out how to make this feature work for you to make the most out of your advertising investment.

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Crisis Management 101

March 19, 2015

No matter how consistently excellent your customer service, or how mindful your employees, unfortunate situations can occur that have long-lasting negative consequences for your business. Having a plan in place to deal with potential threats to your brand can make all of the difference. Read here to find out what crisis management is and the importance of effective crisis communication for your business.


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How to Keep Donors Involved and Motivated

March 10, 2015

It’s difficult enough to find donors and supporters for your nonprofit. But how do you keep them interested? Acquiring donors that are motivated to contribute regularly to your organization can dramatically improve your mission and the extent to which you carry it out to benefit your community. Here are some ways to motivate your donors and keep them interested in your organization.

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8 Free DIY Tools to Create Visual Content

April 21, 2014

Spend any time on the Internet and you’re bound to come across some great images, infographics, and other visual content. You’re probably thinking that yeah, it looks great, but their graphic design budget must be huge. In some cases, like major corporations, you’re probably right, but for smaller operations there are a few tricks of the trade that can keep your costs low, or even nonexistent, for your online content marketing needs. The secret is finding the free services and programs that turn visual content creation from a chore into a pleasure. Here’s seven of the best that we’ve found:

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5 Tips To Plan A Better Nonprofit Gala

April 15, 2014

Remember that last great nonprofit gala you attended? You know, the one with the great food and engaging activities where you met all sorts of interesting people? 

Now, do you remember that terrible event? The one where the food showed up hours late, the band was drunk, and you were stuck all night sitting to Bob-what’s-his-name, the boring insurance adjuster from Iowa?

The difference between these two nonprofit celebrations was night and day, but organizers could have worked equally as hard on the project. Basically, it all comes down to organization and promotion – work smart, not hard, and take advantage of all the resources around you. If you’re getting ready to set up your own nonprofit gala, here are a few tips that will hopefully make it more like the former and less like the latter.

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4 Nonprofit Fundraising Best Practices Using Direct Mail

April 1, 2014

While email fundraising is certainly growing in popularity, most nonprofits still use direct mail to communicate with their audience and raise funds. 

Far from being the killer of direct mail fundraising, email has actually grown into a useful partner technology for many nonprofits, used to raise awareness and keep in touch with donors while direct mail is used for fundraising.

Direct mail fundraising campaigns aren’t free, and because of their cost it’s vital to have a concrete strategy in mind before you start your campaign. In this guide, we cover four best practices for nonprofits utilizing direct mail to fundraise.

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