Bloom Communications is an integrated communications agency with offices in Austin, Texas and Portland, Oregon. Since 2012, we’ve been relentlessly dedicated to the success of nonprofits and responsible for-profit companies.

In contrast with many agencies, we believe in harnessing all of our team members’ greatest strengths and experiences for you by working collectively on projects to ensure a well-rounded, meticulously developed and executed process and solution.

Meet Our Award-Winning Team

Brianna McKinney President  |  Austin, TX
Leigh Havelick Director  |  Portland, OR
Erin Jones Managing Director  |  Austin, TX
Lisa Koetz Director  |  Portland, OR
Carrie Straub Account Supervisor  |  Austin, TX
Valerie Beesley Account Supervisor  |  Austin, TX
Beth Phillips Account Supervisor  |  Austin, TX
Miller Hollingsworth Account Manager  |  Austin, TX
McKenna Cosway Account Intern  |  Austin, TX